GfK Touchpoint Planner

GfK Touchpoint Planner

How do you focus on the touchpoints in the shopper journey that really pay off?

What it is

The GfK Touchpoint Planner helps you to focus on the right touchpoints to achieve your marketing goals and increase ROI of your marketing investments

How it works

  • In the GfK Touchpoint Planner, we consider all potential touchpoints (paid, owned, earned) along the consumer journey.
  • It is possible to focus on both relevant target groups and occasions.
  • We use innovative AI-based analytics for Implicit analysis of the impact of touchpoints, including synergy effects between touchpoints. We show you the pain points in the consumer journey, and how to improve.
  • We help you to translate  these insights into a Touchpoint Eco-System with clear recommendations for action.


With the GfK Touchpoint Planner you know which touchpoints have the highest reach and impact during the consumer journey and are thus able to achieve a higher ROI on your marketing investments. This advanced methodology covers the entire consumer journey, before and after purchase, and distinguishes reach vs. impact.

Discover our webinar and presentation

One of the central goals of every marketing and media manager is to reach potential buyers as efficiently as possible with their brand. But this has become much more complex in recent years.

To find out how to focus on the touchpoints in the shopper journey that really pay off´, watch the webinar and download the presentation.

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