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GfK Retailer Perception Monitor

Define the position of retailers in the market to assess potential threats and outpace competitors


In today’s times the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market is dynamically evolving. Some retailers grow organically, others focus on optimizing the range to best meet customer needs. In developed markets, the fight for every shopper continues and it's not just the market that is changing. Customers are changing and their shopping habits are too.
Needs are constantly evolving, both in terms of breadth, assortment quality and the shopping experience. 2020 brought a new dimension to decision-making about the place of purchase with many customers broke down barriers and tried out new distribution channels. Understanding how shoppers rate their store’s performance on these evolving needs is the path to increased loyalty.

GfK Retailer Perception Monitor: competitor tracking data & analysis
How does the customer's perception of the place of purchase stand and what is the relationship between loyalty and performance at the respective retailer?  
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GfK Retailer Perception Monitor: competitor tracking data & analysis
The answers are provided by our unique Retailer Evaluation Study focused on the assessment of top retailers in the market. The study is used by retailers to mirror their success and to measure the effectiveness of their efforts, but also by manufacturers and distributors who understand the strengths and weaknesses of particular retailers and also customer demands and expectations. Through this, both players can better formulate an assortment and pricing strategy.

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Below is an example of our report and how our customers perceive grocery retailers in terms of different RPR Score and Meta-Factors. We then look at the various levers and how this affects customers' loyalty toward the retailer.

From the results, we derive which factors are viewed critically in a competitive comparison and what retailers need to work on to be successful in the future.

The Top 5 FMCG Retailers

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The Drivers of Loyalty for Retailer A

How strong is the effect of which lever?

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Discover how consumer behavior has changed and what that means for your business


GfK Retailer Perception Monitor: competitor tracking data & analysis