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Winning with Out-of-Home


GfK launches Out-of-Home Panel: All channels. Transparent consumers. New answers.


Out-of-Home (OOH) consumption accounts for a large share of spend on food. The potential for this sector is huge, as almost everybody could be a shopper. So, FMCG manufacturers and retailers, Hotels, Restaurants and Caterers, need precise OOH data to steer and grow their businesses.


By monitoring food and beverage consumption outside the home, GfK’s new OOH panel provides a full understanding of the market’s structure and dynamics. Utilizing innovative technology, our OOH Panel provides comprehensive market coverage, including all relevant categories and channels. Smart reporting via a mobile app delivers a detailed picture of consumer behavior. From grabbing a quick coffee-to-go or dining out in restaurants, by tracking consumers’ eating out consumption patterns, we help you answer your key business questions such as:

  • Opportunities: What is the OOH market size and structure? Which categories and retailers offer the greatest potential for my business? How much does my OOH business add to my in-home business?
  • Consumption: What are the purchase patterns of my target group and how could I profit from them?
  • Channels: Which channels are most relevant for me? What opportunities should I explore? 
  • Targeting: What is my OOH target group? How can I increase my reach with them? Can I improve my marketing and communication strategies?
  • Occasions: Which occasions do my customers prefer? What are my market shares and profitability within those different occasions? Do I have the right assortment? How could I increase my share?
  • Innovation: What trends and emerging consumer behaviors can I tap into to drive innovation in my business?
Maximize business opportunities with GfK’s Out-of-Home Panel with: 
  • A full read on total out-of-home market consumption patterns
  • Accurate, reliable big picture and granular data for all your analysis
  • By combining OOH Panel with GfK In-Home Panel it is finally possible to get comprehensive insight into total expenditure on food and beverages, whether in or out of the home
Use all possibilities of the highly established GfK Consumer Panels to win with OOH!

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