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Sustainability concern and action

Learn about sustainability in times of instability, how shoppers are behaving and what trends are growing
Read our latest white paper
Sustainability white paper
Green Gauge FMCG ’22 report
WCWD 2022 report
Sustainability white paper
Green Gauge FMCG ’22 report
WCWD 2022 report

Green ambitions, golden opportunities

The global cost of living may be rising, but consumers continue to care about environmental issues. In fact 73% of global consumers think it's important that the brands they love take responsibility and embrace sustainable company practices. Our market research reveals how FMCG is turning into the retail hot spot for turning concerns into action, with 53% of global consumers selecting one brand over another specifically because it supports a cause they believe in.

Sustainability vs Inflation

Environmental awareness about ecological issues and the production of plastic are no longer topics that can be avoided. The green movement is here to stay, and strategic insights are the key to unlocking business growth.

Our latest whitepaper explores recent developments in sustainability, and retail consumer behavior in times of high inflation. Based on the data insights from two major GfK sustainability surveys and reports, Who Cares Who Does (fourth edition) and Green Gauge: the shopper edition, both are available for purchase now.

Read our latest white paper

FMCG sustainability and instability in the EU

In case you missed it, watch our webinar Green ambitions, golden opportunities: Sustainability in times of instability hosted by GfK’s Lenneke Schils, Global Insights Director FMCG and Petra Süptitz, Director Marketing & Consumer Intelligence. Guest speaker Irina Ivanova, Sustainability Lead in the Consumer Goods Business Unit at Essity, provides a retail business perspective on eco-action.

Report | Inflation rockets to no.1 - Green Gauge FMCG ‘22

This year, inflation tops the range of societal concerns amongst 12 of 22 consumer markets studied in the latest Green Gauge Report. We segment five key consumer value groups with different attitudes toward environmental problems, unpacking the unique attitudes and buying behaviors the retail sector must meet to keep up with their changing expectations.
Learn more about the biggest eco-consumer group globally.
  • GfK’s proprietary segmentation report focussed on sustainability data 
  • More than a decade of trended information 
  • Shopper Edition 2022: First time measured on GfK Consumer Panel 
  • Eight European markets, global benchmark and history 

Report | Sustainability concern and action – Who Cares? Who Does? 2022

Are stretched budgets causing shoppers to give up on plastic avoidance? Are products that promise no microplastics and carbon zero still popular? Retail consumers are changing their values around plastic waste and shopping behavior at a rapid pace. Learn what actions to take – annual data insights in our latest Who Cares Who Does Report.
WCWD image-1
Learn how plastic avoidance is changing the market  
  • Specific segmentation on actions and plastic avoidance  
  • Fourth edition offering comparative analysis
  • Global footprint > 25 countries together with Europanel and Kantar 
  • Three eco-segments 

Infographic | The green consumer market is growing rapidly

Eco active shoppers care deeply about the environment and they will consistently take multiple actions to reduce their carbon footprint. Green consumers will make up half of the world's population by 2030. Is your brand appealing to this group already? Eco active market segmentation can assist to position yourself correctly in the market and offer tailored solutions for these consumers.

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