GfK Distribution and Supply Chain Management

Take your distribution strategy to the next level

Supply chains are becoming ever-more complex and operating on increasingly intricate networks. GfK’s Distribution and Supply Chain Management Insights will help you increase your return on investment (ROI) providing profound market knowledge of supply chains and distribution strategies. The insights will help you to:

  • Develop and optimize your go-to-market, channel and pricing strategies
  • Improve your category management and portfolio
  • Maximize your sales impact and channel ROI
  • Assess inventory and POS gross margins by combining distribution and POS market data – even at single SKU level

GfK´s Distribution Panel tracks what distributors sell to POS retailers and resellers. Monitor which products are being sold, to which POS channel, and at what price in the distribution market.

GfK’s Distribution Panel is the world’s largest distribution network with around 300 distributors in more than 45 markets in WEU, CEE, CIS, MEA, APAC and LATAM. It provides invaluable insights into 200 product groups in IT, Telecom, Office Equipment and Consumer Electronics on a weekly basis.

The power of the unique combination of distribution and POS market data

  • Track distributor sales (sell-through) and POS retailers and resellers sales (sell-out) – down to a single SKU-level and in just one click
  • Benchmark your performance against competitors’ and uncover their channel and pricing strategies.

GfK Supply Chain Management (SCM) Insights combines distribution market data (Distribution Panel) with point-of-sales market insights (POS Tracking). For the very first time, distribution and POS market data is available in just one comprehensive database, delivering the highest value by providing insights on the entire supply chain – even at single SKU level.

Thanks to our comprehensive database, you can combine our distribution data easily with our POS retail tracking data and utilize GfK´s common taxonomy, metrics and channels. GfK’s distribution data goes beyond POS so you’ll receive insights on sub-distribution and direct sales from distributors to end-customers (B2B/B2C) which skip POS reporting.

Flexible delivery frequency to fit your business goals

Your market insights can be delivered weekly, monthly or less frequently, depending on your business goals. From the strategic perspective, monthly distribution and POS data will enable you to understand key market trends in the entire supply chain – from a big picture macro view to detailed model level. Weekly data supports your tactical decisions, helping you improve efficiencies in the supply chain and steer prices and POS gross margins.

Distribution partnership

GfK partners with around 300 distributors worldwide. This includes partnerships with associations including the Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC) as well as with local and specialized distributors per country.

To find out more about our partnership with the Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC), visit www.gtdc.org

Find out more about becoming one of our distributor partners


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