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Omnibus (North America)

What it is

Omnibus is a multi-client, shared cost quantitative survey instrument designed to collect data from the  general population or a targeted audience to deliver valuable insights quickly and affordably.

GfK’s US Omnibus service offers the high quality sampling & practical benefits of online research by utilizing KnowledgePanel®, the only online probability panel in the marketplace, that is truly projectable to the gen pop, unlike other “opt-in” panels, that are only representative of the online (internet access) population, which makes it a great alternative to RDD telephone samples.

Also available…Hispanic Omnibus and TEEN Augment can be added at an additional cost.

How it works

To recruit KnowledgePanel® members, we use ABS (address-based sampling) as the primary methodology — a probability-based approach that includes cell phone-only households. For non-internet households, we provide internet access and a laptop for the completion of online surveys: therefore, the sample is not limited to only those who already have internet access.

The GfK OMNI surveys a national sample of 1000 adults aged 18+ weekly, with a deadline for questions Thursdays at noon ET, with data collection ongoing  Friday-Sunday and results available COB Mondays.


  • High caliber research that will withstand tough scrutiny from the press or other tough audiences, both inside and outside of your organization
  • The representativeness of its sample — including hard-to-reach groups such as young adults, males and minorities — has been documented in numerous academic papers. It has also been embraced by all the major media outlets.
  • You can project results to the general adult population, which makes the Omnibus ideal for:

    • Public release opinion polls
    • Proprietary surveys
    • AA&U Tracking studies
    • Concept screening and testing
    • Time sensitive or topical issues
    • Incidence checks
    • And much more!

Fast Answers Overnight

Ask your critical questions today – have Fast Answers for decisions tomorrow. GfK now offers “Fast Answers Overnight” with a 24 hour turnaround from start to finish.

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Government & Academic Omnibus

A low-priced option for clients with 3-20 questions, the G&A Omni surveys a national sample of 1,000 adults aged 18+, with a full field period (7-10 days), for much less than a custom study. It’s ideal for testing survey questions or conducting brief surveys.

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Gen Pop KP Omniweb

Surveys a national sample of 1000 adults aged 18+ weekly, with a deadline for questions Thursdays at noon ET, data collection ongoing  Friday-Sunday and results available COB Mondays.

Hispanic KnowledgePanel Latino Omniweb

Surveys a national sample of 1000 Hispanic adults aged 18+ monthly, utilizing KnowledgePanel Latino, with a deadline for questions the first Wednesday of the month, data collection from the second Wednesday to the following Sunday  and results available the third Wednesday of the month.

Globo Bus

Globo bus is GfK’s global omnibus service. We have a vast Global network for Omnibus capabilities within the GfK family. We offer a one point of contact service, whereby our office coordinates and facilitates the project from start to finish. All fieldwork is conducted at the local agency level and then is tabulated centrally by our US offices for quality control purposes to ensure consistency. Final deliverable is computer tabulations by a standard demographic banner.

Since the data collection is controlled locally, this ensures a representative and full geographic national sample. Most sample sizes are 1000 with starting age varying by country. Methodology varies by country as well but generally phone/CATI is recommended for the most representative sample.