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Get answers to your "where" questions with our geomarketing software RegioGraph

What it is
RegioGraph offers a wide range of analysis and visualization options for every possible type of location-based market and customer evaluation. Compare your data to the integrated data on potential to spot new turnover opportunities in the municipalities and postcodes in which you're active. RegioGraph includes regional market data on GfK Purchasing Power and inhabitants and households as well as all available maps for a European country of choice. Additional data on potential is also available for deeper insights into your markets. RegioGraph is ideal for international analyses and planning endeavors. Import our worldwide digital maps in just a few steps.

How it works
Use RegioGraph to quickly and easily analyze your customer and turnover distribution directly on digital maps. Import your company data and visualize it on a map in just a few steps.

RegioGraph helps you pinpoint regions with untapped potential. Achieve better efficiency by optimizing your sales territories, marketing endeavors and branch network. This streamlines your business and allows you to better exploit potential in your markets.

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