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Published Media Audience Measurement

What it is

Publishers, agencies and advertisers need reliable magazine and newspaper audience data by device and platform in order to optimize their media performance, planning and budgets. 

How it works

A number of different approaches to measuring the readership of print brands exist across markets – from face-to-face and/or telephone interviews to online surveys. Additionally, we employ different methodologies to measuring readership such as the recent reading and specific issue reading approaches.

However, the complexity of today’s media landscape means that it is increasingly popular to use hybrid approaches. We are leaders in this field. We combine methodologies, such as surveys and new technologies that passively collect media consumption data, to determine actual published media audiences and how they consume content. We are also expert in integrating data that is fusing industry print and digital currencies, to provide a more complete picture of published media audiences.


Today’s Connected Consumers view published content both in print and online using numerous devices – both desktop and mobile. If publishers and advertisers are to attract and retain the attention of readers, they need to know the full story about their reading habits. With our approach to combining methodologies to measure print brand readership, clients benefit from a more complete view of the consumption of media brands by device and platform. This is particularly important with the rise in popularity of digital magazine and newspaper content and will help advertisers target campaigns more accurately to increase their return on investment.

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