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GfK Ad Fit Optimizer (AFO)

Assess video and digital display ads to create the best brand experience

What it is
A turnkey solution to pre-test high volumes of virtually all types of videos and digital banner advertisements.  

How it works
While interacting with a realistic web or mobile environment, respondents are non-obtrusively exposed to different advertising. Based on their natural behavior we are uncovering the ad’s potential to attract and maintain the viewers’ attention.

Our test approach also allows to understand the impact on ad recall and branding, indicates the emotional imprint and what kind of actions the advertisement triggers among its audience. For video AFO also supports our clients to optimize the creative or define the best scenes for a shorter version of the ad.

Results are provided in an easy-to-read scorecard with a turn-over of just a few days.

Accelerate and optimize your digital ad spend and overall campaign ROI by assessing the fitness/aptness of your ads prior to campaign launch.