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GfK Evogenius Reporting

Analysis Of Media Usage Data

GfK Evogenius Reporting is a powerful software tool which is designed for the evaluation of media usage data, especially in TV-business. It offers many thematic and technical innovations for a variety of users. Evogenius Reporting provides both, a rough overview and a rich detailed analysis of usage. The results are presented in tabular and graphical form.

In a nutshell, GfK Evogenius Reporting provides intuitive, flexible, professional and still individual solutions to evaluate media usage data.

One particular highlight is the comfort to work only within one working layer thus without switching modules in order to analyze different kinds of research questions.

GfK Evogenius Reporting

GfK Evogenius Reporting
GfK Evogenius Reporting

GfK Evogenius Reporting satisfies the demands towards a state-of-the-art reporting software, by providing a complete set of functionalities. Familiar and already established standards are supplemented with innovative options to a new combination for Evogenius Reporting. Of particular note are the processing of results for follow-up evaluations, calculate separate lists and totals simultaneously, accumulate results or evaluate duplications even in combination with top lists. Broadcasts, program environment, time slots and advertising exposures can be analyzed in-depth.

To visualize results options like conditional formatting and the simultaneous graphical presentation can be chosen. The publication into GfK Evogenius Web, the internet result viewer of GfK Evogenius can easily be done as well.

To meet the expectations of clients worldwide, GfK Evogenius Reporting is highly adaptable, configurable and extendable. This flexibility is also reflected in the interfaces and the methodology of analyses. Evogenius Reporting is designed to support any TAM system and any meter system; it also can be adjusted to any license model. This flexibility can be arranged by open data structures and flexible interfaces.

GfK Evogenius Reporting follows the principle: as easy to handle as possible using the most powerful performance.

Target Groups

GfK Evogenius Reporting is a reporting software, which is designed for professional researches of TV stations, marketers and media agencies all over the world.

The flexibility of the software concept assures that different groups of researchers are able to fulfil their daily work by using Evogenius Reporting. Starting with beginners which need guidance and routines for the work up to professionals, who can work as individual as possible to answer complex research questions.

  • TV stations, marketers, media agencies
  • Media researchers, strategic planners, managers
  • Beginners, intermediates, experts