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GfK Evogenius Production

The Comprehensive Solution For Daily Production Processes

GfK Evogenius Production supports you in maintaining a complex database structure and provides a comprehensive range of functions, used to monitor essential background processes.

The software is an instrument for the daily administration of all relevant data and guarantees a maximum level of data quality due to versatile control options. The underlying flexibility facilitates the integration of software into the user's specific workflow.

Evogenius Production is able to deal with large amounts of data on a daily basis. It enables the user to process a great number of operations on stored data, from easily manageable administrative tasks to complex inquiries to the database.

GfK Evogenius Production

Maintain and organize your panel data, processes and panel management tasks in just one tool. A clearly designed graphical user interface (GUI) supports a comfortable handling of tasks from adding new households to your panel over maintaining channels to administrative tasks.

A structured contact management allows quick responses. All incoming and outgoing contacts with the panel households are registered. Wizards are optionally at your disposal to guide the user through precise and simple steps for incoming contacts.

The list handling supports and provides security for the data input regarding daily or repeating panel management tasks. It helps to structure your panel management work.

Simplify the daily routines on one side, and make it possible for specialists to create and edit sets of data on the other side.

Work targeted and focused: the optimum amount of information and edit options for each user group. As various as the research systems, as different are the demands on the software. Adjust Evogenius Production precisely to your needs and country specific requirements e.g. in terms of language, validation rules and interfaces.

Is the panel structure representative? Are there any open technician orders? Are all households provided with important information? To receive an instant overview on one or multiple "questions" you can visualize answers directly from the database using dashboards. Additionally you can define alarms to get notifications if thresholds have been exceeded.

The open interfaces enable a customized configuration of Evogenius. Third party systems can be integrated easily. Connect applications like interviewer tools, reporting software, technician order management and many more.

Target Groups

GfK Evogenius Production is mainly developed for GfK companies operating a media or TAM business and companies processing large amounts of research data of a panel or sample e.g. usage data from electronic meter systems.

As manifold as the research systems, as different are the demands on the software. Regardless of the business you are working in you can maintain and organize your data, processes and panel or sample management tasks with this tool.

  • GfK companies operating in media business
  • GfK companies operating a TAM business
  • Companies processing huge amounts of research data