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GfK Evogenius Advertising

Intelligent Media Planning

GfK Evogenius Advertising is a comprehensive media planning software in the TV segment. Due to its wide range of application it is a very flexible tool, which increases the efficiency of your planning workflow. It covers the creation of forecast data, campaign planning, tracking and control.

The media planner can take advantage of the "automatic optimization" to let the system automatically create the media plan by booking the commercials considering fact preferences and campaign targets.

With the "Forecast" module performance values for future periods are generated. These forecast data are the basis campaign planning. This step reflects the know-how of each media-agency.

The "Campaign" module supports efficient and sophisticated campaign planning. It comprises the whole lifecycle of a campaign, from strategic planning over detail-planning, tracking up to post-buy evaluation.

The "Campaign analysis" module allows overall analyzes to show your clients how efficiently you are working for them.

GfK Evogenius Advertising

GfK Evogenius Advertising

Basing campaign planning on accurate forecast data is crucial for media-agencies. Therefore GfK Evogenius Advertising offers highest flexibility in defining rules how to select and calculate past breaks to predict future performance. Besides, adjustment methods like factor-tables and event definitions let forecasters easily consider future changes and special viewing behavior.

Campaign Planning
Campaign planning is not a big deal anymore. Automated processes help media-planners to save time and to find out the best strategy for your clients' campaign. Once you have finalized the strategy you can do performance and cost estimations in the high-level planning and create an effective media plan in the detail-level planning.

Campaign tracking is a crucial part of the planning process, where you can benefit from automatic campaign updates and alerts which only come up when client goals are endangered. In case you have to improve your media schedule, you can just enter the campaign and use the planning approaches to re-optimize your campaign. Post-control-reports complete the planning process to document the campaign's success.

Campaign Analysis
The powerful report tool, which is available in all modules of the software, provides also highest flexibility in doing overall analyzes. Thus you can let your clients know how efficiently you have planned their campaigns.

Target Groups

GfK Evogenius Advertising is comprehensive media-planning software for the whole advertising market. It serves all kind of users: forecaster, media-planner and marketer. Therefore it can be used at media-agencies, media-sales-houses as well as broadcasters.

However, Evogenius Advertising is an expert tool offering highly sophisticated approaches, guiding wizards in an intuitive software interface supporting also all-rounders in a very efficient way.

Since generating performance forecasts and assessing advertising market data are not only relevant for the advertising business, other businesses might benefit from this software too.

  • Media-agencies, media-sales-houses, broadcaster
  • Forecasters, media-planner, marketer
  • Experts and all-rounders