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Production, reporting and media planning in one solution 


What it is 

The Evogenius product suite is a software solution that gives valuable insights into today´s media usage and television viewing habits.

How it works

This sophisticated solution from GfK handles everything from panel setup and data production through to data analysis and visualization. Each module is applicable individually or in combination with another Evogenius product. This is possible due to a uniform database.

Evogenius includes tools for each research requirement within an audience measurement operation. All media usage data can be processed, reported and evaluated using this powerful platform.

It contains customizable production software, a reporting tool that is intuitive to use, as well as an advertising tool that provides support throughout a campaign planning process and includes future usage behavior forecasting. 


Evogenius is GfK´s comprehensive answer for international audience measurement operations and offers appreciable benefits to national and international Joint Industry Committees, broadcasters, TV Stations, airtime marketers and media agencies:

  • All in one solution
  • State-of-the art technology
  • Customized development
  • Modern and comfortable research tools

Our Business
We are a competence center for media research and providing media software tools and related services on an international level. We are dedicated to meet your country specific needs and requirements on your media project in terms of data and reporting options.
The GfK Evogenius product suite fulfills its optimal use in the field of audience measurement and is already introduced in different european countries both for TAM business and also on the reporting and media planning side of evaluation TV usage data.
Nevertheless the Evogenius products are also adaptable for data production and reporting processes outside the media sector. Both, our team for concept requirements and the development team are dedicated to meet your demands on processing usage data also for other areas of operation. 


In the 21st century media dominates the population's day-to-day life. At home or at work, whatever people do, they are accompanied by media. The GfK Evogenius product suite is designed to suit all and more demands and tasks to execute audience research in general and Television Audience Measurement (TAM) in particular. Each singular Evogenius product offers a complete solution, measurement technologies, comprehensive data production processes, research expertise and analysis systems. Do you have to produce and process huge amounts of data? Are you looking for options to automize production processes? Do you need to analyse and visualize usage data?Benefit from our knowledge about international media research activities to support you in concepting and software engineering to find the perfect software solution for you!


In Germany GfK Fernsehforschung, which holds the Television Audience Measurement (TAM) contract for the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fernsehforschung (AGF) for more than 20 years now, operates its data production with the Evogenius Production Manager since 2009. The panel consists of 5,000 households, which has been equipped with the meter unit UMX to measure the TV usage on the highest technical standard including lastest technologies like time shifted progam consumption and audiomatching.

In Portugal the TAM business is operated by GfK Portugal on the behalf of the Joint Industry Committee (JIC) CAEM since 2012. Here a complete set up of all required hardware, server and UMX meter unit installations to measure the TV consumption in the 1,000 panel households took place. Since March 1, 2012, Evogenius provides the currency in the Portuguese market.

Signing a contract with four of Brazil's leading broadcasters we are going to bring our innovative audience measurement experience to life in South America. By using our unique measurement service, we provide broader sampling in the 15 largest cities in Brazil, including viewers of terrestrial, cable and satellite television. The new system will be installed in 6,000 households across the country and will allow clients to convert smart data and analytics into meaningful insights for decision making.

Since January 2014 the TAM system in Lebanon has been launched. Our state-of-the-art technology to measure live and time-shifted TV consumption in 440 homes across the country comes into effect. The service is based on an electronic system called TV Logger which covers the basic functions of the broader UMX meter units.

Most recently GfK has signed a contract with Saudi Media Measurement Company (SMMC) to introduce a new television audience measurement service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We will set up the first-ever electronic TAM system in the country, based on a panel of 2,000 households which will be equipped with the technology Universal Meter System.

GfK Evogenius Product Suite

Within an international cooperation we provide the software package Evogenius which is composed of production-, reporting- and media planning. Other customer specific software solutions can also be based on Evogenius. Evogenius consists of the following four main applications deployable either as a powerful software package, or individually as a solution easy to embed into existing software architecture for television audience research:

GfK Evogenius Production comprises several tools to control and maintain the various steps of the daily data production and panel maintenance. Within our product portfolio the Evogenius Production Manager (EPM) is the application for daily data production, administration and panel maintenance. The software provides a comprehensive range of functions, used to monitor essential background processes.
The Evogenius Production Manager enables the user to process a great number of operations on stored data, from easily manageable administrative tasks to complex inquiries to the database. More information on Evogenius Production.

GfK Evogenius Reporting is a powerful and up-to-date software tool for the evaluation of usage data. It is designed to meet the demands of the market and offers many thematic and technical innovations for a variety of users. Evogenius Reporting answers all relevant research questions in the evaluation field and allows the evaluation and processing of usage data in tabular and graphical form. More information on Evogenius Reporting.
GfK Evogenius Web is the Result Viewer of the Evogenius product family. It was designed to give authorized users access to prepared research results, although they do not have an evaluation software. The update with new data is done by an automated process. The results presented as tables and graphs can be customized per user and are available to him online. 

Evogenius also offers an evaluation package, designed specifically for the demands of the advertising market. This application package is called GfK Evogenius Advertising. With its modules Evogenius Advertising covers the whole range of possible requirements regarding forecasts, campaign planning, tracking and post control. More information on Evogenius Advertising. The Evogenius tools are complementary as they are all based on the same database but can also be used individually.

Our Services
Regardless the solution you choose - the whole product suite or single tools - you can rely on us! Evogenius clients always benefit from a comprehensive service portfolio.

Our flexible evaluation software tools reflect the latest developments of the international media research markets and incorporate the uniqueness of local requirements at the same time.

Support and training

Our support hotline can be reached from Monday-Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (CET) excluding German public holidays T: +49 911 395-2244

Of course, you can also contact us by E-Mail at: evogenius.support(at)gfk.com.

Training courses expand your knowledge concerning the methodology and technical conditions. We provide individual trainings via web session and also in face-to-face training courses.

Individual software solutions

Customized solutions make Evogenius so special.

We design the software solution for you according to your requests and market conditions.

If you switch from another TAM system to Evogenius you can count on the support of GfK. We analyze your data and workflows and assess the impact on the established work processes. For a smooth changeover, we assist and support you on-site during Migration.