How can brands address the
environmental concerns of shoppers?

Sustainability is a growing concern for consumers. These concerns have a direct impact on their shopping behavior, including their attitude towards certain brands, which products they purchase, how they want products packaged, and more. We’ve evaluated these concerns and connected them with what consumers are actually purchasing for rich insights around environmental concerns and action, as well as insights on how these attitudes and behaviors have changed over time.

Insights to power your sustainability

We give multinationals, local manufacturers and retailers a comprehensive understanding
of consumers´ liefestyles and concern to plan for future success

Sustainability Concern and Action
Understand current attitudes and behaviors

Get a deep dive into the current attitudes, behaviors, and concerns of consumers when it comes to sustainability and plastics, and see what actions they currently take to minimize their impact on the environment.

Sustainability Concern and Action
Know what influences shopper behavior

Track the impact of influencers, activists, and social media on shopping behavior across demographics, and understand if environmental messaging/campaigns have had an impact on awareness and recognition of certain brands.

Sustainability Concern and Action
See how consumer attitudes have evolved over time

Because this is an annual report, you’ll be able to compare how consumers’ ideals change over time so that you can evolve your sustainability strategies based on changes in consumer attitudes and behaviors.

Sustainability Concern and Action
Know how consumer attitudes differ by category and market

Understand if different actions are required to meet consumer demands for different manufacturers or categories (eg. If home products should take different actions than beverage suppliers).

Sustainability Concern and Action
Identify which actions to take moving forward

Pinpoint your next actions to meet the demands of your customers, and develop your long-term marketing and product strategies around the environment and waste reduction.

Sustainability Concern and Action
Calculate the true value of sustainability

Insights into whether or not consumers are willing to pay a higher price for brands that promote environmentally friendly practices across different categories allow you to rethink your pricing strategy.

Our approach matches attitudes with behaviors

A holistic view links household purchase data with attitudinal and reported behavior

sustainability unique approach

Real purchase behavior
Our household purchase data shows real purchasing behavior across categories and markets.

Reported attitudes, lifestyle actions, and outlook
Our survey provides reported behaviors and attitudes for insights on the “why” behind the buy.

Fully connected insights
By tying insights together, our report offers a complete understanding of shoppers’ sustainability mindset.

Sustainability Concern and Action

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