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GfK Content Appreciation Solution

Keep and attract new audiences by understanding their views on your content

Media owners need to continually evaluate how content is received by different audiences across all their channels. GfK’s Content Appreciation tool enables clients such as the BBC in the UK, and NPO in the Netherlands to do just that. It hosts daily questionnaires on each program on all channels and reports the findings 48 hours after broadcast.

Our representative panel of viewers completes a short online questionnaire each day, with a new questionnaire available every 24 hours. In addition to answering a set of standardized questions for each program they’ve seen, panelists provide responses to a range of in-depth questions that can differ by channel, genre and program to provide rich verbatims. We can also ask content specific questions to rate the guests in a talk show, for instance, and end with non-program related questions. The reporting is available in the early morning two days after broadcast, and ranges from sophisticated data analysis to a simple list of the highest appreciated programs.

Understand what engages the audiences of today – and tomorrow

To retain existing audiences and attract new ones, it is not enough for media owners to only understand ratings. It’s vital to understand what engages viewers to know how to improve content and what content to acquire. With GfK’s Content Appreciation tool, broadcasters know not only what content is selling today, but also what the audiences of tomorrow will want to watch. They can:

  • Understand what motivates and dissuades people from watching 
  • Determine whether a catchy promo triggers viewing
  • Evaluate the impact of a particular presenter, guest or actor, and review a breakdown of each of these by audience segment

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