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Coping and cutting: behavior change in times of instability

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In our free webinar we answered surrounding FMCG shopper behavior, and the relevant coping strategies in times of instability. We explored how the crisis types are developing, what alternate choices shoppers are making even more, what product criteria continue to influence buying behavior and how channel choices might be affected. 

All insights used in the webinar were taken from our purchaseable 'Behavior Change - fall edition' report.

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Key topics and content covered: 

  • Concerns and financial situation
  • Inflation effects on household decisions  
  • Adjustment of Shopping Behavior
  • Coping Strategies in FMCG
  • Category coping strategies
  • Channel choices & Online behavior 
  • with specific country views for Ukraine, Romania, Germany and the Nordics (Sweden and Denmark)

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Lenneke Schils

Global Insights Director, GfK
GfK - Anna-Katharina Kraus
Anna-Katharina Kraus

Commercial Director Advanced Solutions, GfK Germany
GfK - Myriam Martensen
Myriam Martensen

Commercial Director, GfK Nordics
GfK - Marina Zabarilo
Marina Zabarilo

Director, Consumer Panel, FMCG & Retail, GfK Ukraine
GfK - Diana Scaunasu
Diana Scaunasu

Consumer Panel Lead, GfK Romania