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UX Score

Offering quantifiable user experience measures

What it is
A validated, powerful tool measuring the key aspects of user experience, that are important to customers. Used for any product category, it gives insight needed to make products better—so people will choose it over competitors.

How it works
A simple 10-question survey, the UX Score goes beyond traditional usability measurements and evaluates usability, usefulness, and aesthetics. It is ready to use as a standalone method or attached to other GfK trackers to add an invaluable UX component.
The UX Score can be compared and tracked over time.

Measure UX before and after a product improvement. Compare a product’s UX Score to competitors’ Score to understand where to make improvements. Track how Scores change over time, so you can always stay one step ahead of the competition. Access to data to support funding requests to invest in improvements with an ongoing metric to guide your UX investments.

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