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GfK Digital Ad Pulse

Assess video and digital display ads to create the best brand experience

What it is
A turnkey solution to pre-test high volumes of virtually all types of videos and digital banner advertisements in a realistic web and mobile environment

How it works
Respondents are exposed to two slightly blurred web pages that feature your test ad(s) and a competitive benchmark<br/> They then interact with the page to show which part they would like to become clear, and we track their progress all along <br/> We then ask respondents what ads, if any, they recall seeing on the pages using an aided list of brands, and to indicate the overall emotional imprint that remained <br/> We evaluate digital video ads in a simple, respondent-friendly, mobile-enabled environment utilizing Google Consumer Surveys.

Accelerate and optimize your digital ad spend and overall campaign ROI by assessing the fitness/aptness of your ads prior to campaign launch.

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