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Sales Territory Planning

What it is
Outside sales is one of the most expensive, labor-intensive aspects of any business. To balance this investment, your sales efforts must efficiently serve customers and tap all available potential.

How it works
We specialize in optimizing sales structures to make them more attuned to regional market conditions. We also help you better exploit regional potential and reduce costs while simultaneously increasing turnover and customer accessibility.

Our wide-ranging expertise and decades of experience in all branches make us the ideal sales territory planning partner. We accompany you through all phases of the sales territory planning process

    • 03/07/17
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    GfK study on sales territory optimization

    GfK recently researched planning practices among German companies with outside sales forces. The resulting study demonstrates that the complexity, speed of change and diversity of tasks in sales have further increased in recent years. Heads of sales use professional planning tactics, but usually only when forced to respond to an immediate need. GfK's analysis highlights improvement opportunities, which include viewing sales optimization as a strategic task, using objective and potential-oriented optimization criteria and embracing a professional approach to change management.
    • 04/13/16
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    GfK releases 2016 purchasing power for Austria and Switzerland

    New 2016 GfK purchasing power data is now available for Austria and Switzerland. Purchasing power levels vary substantially both between and within these two neighboring countries. GfK's study reveals the regional distribution of this purchasing power.

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