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Face- to- face Omnibus

Fast, reliable and excellent value for money with a proven track record.  Face-to-face in-home  interviews allowing the use of colour prompts/visual aids/multimedia, it also allows for the inclusion of questions of a sensitive or personal nature.

The survey interviews either 1000 or 2000 adults in the UK. Randomly selected sample and quota controls are set by age and sex within working status.  Interviews are conducted at 140 sampling points by fully trained and supervised market research interviewers.

Within the face-to-face omnibus, we can interview all adults or sub-samples of the population, particular age groups, men or women, housewives, main shoppers, internet users. The survey also allows for the collection of interviews amongst children (aged 7-16 years) etc. Parental permission is obtained for all interviews.

The Random Location Omnibus runs two to four times a month and has a turnaround of 13 days