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Disease Atlas

Strengthening your value story from pre-launch to launch and beyond.

What it is
GfK Disease Atlas, our global real-world evidence program, helps uncover unmet needs, identify new opportunities and support successful market access.

How it works
How do you defy the attrition rate for product development and successfully achieve market access? And once launched, how do you influence the performance of your brand? Large-scale, disease-specific GfK Disease Atlas makes it all possible. This evidence-based program is unique in linking real-world clinical practice with insights from the key stakeholders involved across the healthcare continuum –physicians, patients and payers.

Since GfK Disease Atlas is global, you can expect a detailed understanding of healthcare practice and patient access across all markets. So you can leverage strategic opportunities, shape your innovation practices, inform market access strategies and deliver patient access and uptake. Think of GfK Disease Atlas as a robust, reliable, publishable source to support your value proposition and give your work plans their strategic edge.

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