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Winning innovations

There are many drivers of innovation in the insurance sector, but it is technology that has been the most disruptive force.
From automation to media fragmentation, new distribution models to wearables and now implantables, what does technology mean for the future of the insurance industry and the Connected Consumer it serves? 

Read Eric Landwaart’s point of view to see who will win tomorrow in insurance.

Download Angelo Pierro’s presentation for brand examples of what winning tomorrow in this market can look like.




Who will win tomorrow? Find below four lessons from abroad!

US: Lessons Learned - from FinTech’s impact across financial services

This first of four presentations examines fintech’s impact on financial services. Tom Neri examines the partnerships that are re-imagining customer engagement on smartphones.

Can you engage your customers on the small screen?

UK: Robo-advice - “Build it and they will come”

Martin Grimwood looks to a future where human financial advisers are replaced by “Robo-advice”, algorithms that provide portfolio management.

With traction in the US, is it about to take-off in the UK? Are you ready?

The future of insurance: Hong Kong perspective

What’s the future of insurance in this lucrative market, asks Ronald Leung? He discusses the effects of technology on personalization and asks why insurance providers are being left behind.

Are you maximizing this audience?

Insurance Incentives and Rewards in South Africa

Bradley Taylor investigates “Insurance incentives and rewards in South Africa”. What can you learn from the way rewards are used here to drive loyalty and business in this competitive market?

Infographic: impact tech innovations on insurance

In insurance, no one group of players will win tomorrow, but by learning lessons from other markets such as these here, it will be easier to realize tomorrow’s market opportunities. Insurance companies can and should be at the heart of that future. We can help you maximize your chance to succeed by supporting your partnership strategy, keeping customer needs at the center of your business, maximizing data, and optimizing new technology. 

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