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Virtual reality meets traditional research: GfK @ ESOMAR 2017 congress


17:05 pm
Stage 1 (Main), The Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam – The Netherlands

The reality is that VR is becoming more widely available for consumers and global industries players are constantly looking for ways to maximize the benefits of this technology. From car manufactures to holiday providers, brands are turning their attention to VR as an opportunity to reach new customers and build stronger relationships.

So what does this mean for the market research world? How big a role can VR play and what are the potential benefits? 

GfK is taking the first steps to answering these questions and assessing the feasibility and scalability of VR-enhanced interviews. This is what Alexandra Chirilov, Senior Marketing Scientist, will discuss at ESOMAR Corporate Young Professional in September.  

Date and time: September 11, 2017 at 17.05 
Location: Stage 1 (Main), The Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam – The Netherlands
Event: Corporate YES award
Presenter: Alexandra Chirilov, GfK 

Join GfK at the ESOMAR Congress 

With a focus on the automotive sector, Alexandra will share the results of an innovative conjoint study which looked at consumer car preferences. 

Incorporating new and traditional research methodologies, 200 respondents were asked to complete a series of tasks using both VR and CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interview) technologies. The study was designed to:

  • evaluate the feasibility of VR as a new method of data collection
  • compare the user experience within  two study environments (VR vs. CAPI) and the impact on respondents’ engagement
  • understand the effect of different study environments (VR vs. CAPI) on the respondents’ product preferences and behavior

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