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Global Studies - frequency of gardening
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Frequency of gardening

Garden centers should target people aged 30-39 and those with children under 12

  • A quarter of the online population across 17 countries does gardening or yard work at least once a week
  • A further 7% do it every day or most days
  • 24% say they never do any gardening or yard work

Traditionally, garden centers have tended to target older age groups, but our latest data suggests that people in their thirties and people living in households with children under 12 years old are also a prime target audience.

People aged 30-39

36% of people aged 60 plus say they garden or do yard work daily or weekly – but they are very closely followed by people in their thirties, at 35%. Added to this, nearly a quarter of those aged 60 plus say they never garden, but this drops to closer to a fifth of those aged in their thirties – making the 30-39 year olds an attractive age group for garden centers to target with offers and promotions.

People living in households with younger children

For people living in households with children aged 12 or under, nearly 40% do gardening or yard work daily or weekly, while only 17% say they never garden. For people living in households with teenagers, daily or weekly gardeners drop to 31%, and non-gardeners rise to nearly a quarter (24%). And for households with no children aged under 20, daily or weekly gardeners drop to just 27%, while non-gardeners rise to 29%.

See the country-specific results for 17 countries: 

Download our report of 80+ charts showing country-specific results by age, gender, income, children in household, and owned or rented residence for: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, Spain, UK and USA.

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