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Increase Sales with Walmart & GfK Etilize

Listing high quality, optimized product content on Walmart is now easy!

Walmart and GfK Etilize have teamed-up allowing you to get your products on Walmart.com far more easily than before. As a Content Service Provider to Walmart (CSP) brands can now automatically feed their product data through GfK Etilize to Walmart.com.

  • No mapping required! This is what differentiates us from other providers. We have created a product taxonomy optimized for SEO, so we take care of the mapping for you automatically and make sure your data meets Walmart's requirements.
  • You define what products to deliver, then we automatically push the data to Walmart. It’s that easy.
  • Syndicate your content to key partners globally. Once we have your data it is syndicated beyond Walmart.com to our large network of distributors and retailers.

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About GfK Etilize

GfK Etilize is the world’s largest provider with a global catalog of 10 Million SKUs in 30 languages, across 54 markets. We aggregate product data from 20,000 + manufacturers of which is syndicated to 70,000 ecommerce users daily. For more information on our turnkey solutions for brands please visit http://www.spexaccess.net.