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GfK FutureBuy® is your invaluable resource to win with shoppers all over the world. Winning shoppers starts with seeing the world through their eyes- profiling their rapidly evolving behaviors and attitudes.  GfK FutureBuy® provides one of the most robust perspectives in the shopper space with an in-depth look at 16 product categories in 20 diverse countries. There simply is no more efficient way for you to “know before you go!”

Take a look at the videos below for a more in-depth understanding of how GfK FutureBuy® 2016 illuminates the most vital shopper issues, including:

  • Channel Choices
  • Mobile Shopping
  • Connect and Close
  • Mobile Payments

Channel Choices...and Influential Voices

Find out where omni-channel shopping dominates, what is happening with bricks and clicks and showrooming, and how previous brand and retailer experiences impact consumers' shopping decisions today.

Mobile Shopping: The Uneven Landscape

Find out which platforms US shoppers embrace to support their online shopping, how online shopping on mobile devices varies over different generations, and how the US compares to the rest of the globe in terms of shopping on mobile devices.

Connect and Close: "How" Depends on "Who"

Find out how a customized shopping experience can help boost shopper loyalty, how effective is virtual reality in driving a trip to a store, and how different generations feel about sharing their information with retailers.

Mobile Payments: Unlocking the Potential

Find out how the US compares to other countries in mobile payment adoption, what concerns people in the US have about mobile payments, and what type of consumers are more likely to use mobile payments.

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