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Holiday discount 2018

Holiday discount:
Valid until Dec. 31, 2018

Select from among the geomarketing solutions in our holiday catalog:
Save €100      when you spend more than      €500
Save €250      when you spend more than      €1,500
Save €500      when you spend more than      €5,000

Make your sales wishes come true!

Longing for more efficient operations, a balanced sales structure or turnover-boosting locations? All of this and more are possible with a geomarketing approach.

Our geomarketing solutions allow you to display your customer and turnover data on digital maps, revealing otherwise unseen trends and relationships. This transforms information into insights, giving you a better understanding of regional performance, coverage gaps and untapped market potential. Use these insights to inform your sales, marketing, controlling and expansion strategies. This increases turnover and lays the groundwork for sustainable success.

Take advantage of our holiday discount and start realizing your potential throughout your global markets. Select from the following geomarketing solutions:

RegioGraph software

RegioGraph answers the many "where" questions faced by businesses of all sizes and types. This brings clarity to your operations and delivers insights that support more informed decisions. Use the software to visualize any data with a location component on digital maps. This reveals relationships in your information that are otherwise hard or impossible to spot. The result is deeper insight into your markets and operations. Our award-winning software includes comprehensive geomarketing features for optimizing sales territories, analyzing catchment areas and planning location networks. View and communicate the results of your analyses with high-impact reports and maps. Learn more...

Regionalized data on potential

Business success requires accurate, up-to-date market data. These insights are the key to pinpointing untapped potential and objectively evaluating your performance. Our European purchasing power illuminates the most promising regions in European for selling and promoting your products. This makes it possible to adjust your sales and marketing campaigns based on the available market potential. Find out more...

Digital maps

Detailed, up-to-date and worldwide digital maps are a prerequisite for all location analyses. Our global boundary data offers comprehensive coverage down to the most detailed administrative and postal levels, such as municipalities and five-digit postcodes. Benefit from the consistent high-quality craftsmanship of our worldwide digital maps, which fit seamlessly with our other data. Learn more...

Browse our holiday catalog and take advantage of our time-limited discount by December 31, 2018.