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On-demand webinar

The pace of change is transforming the technology and consumer product industries. Making the right decisions has never been more important.

We were delighted to host a VIP event on this theme, which is now available to view on-demand. Chaired by global authority on digital transformation, Lindsay Herbert, with a keynote address from Simon Mulcahy, Chief Innovation Officer at Salesforce, our taskforce of industry experts tackled some of the biggest questions facing the technology and consumer product industries today:

  • How not just data, but speed of processing holds the key to high-performance
  • The seismic shifts that are reshaping the industry
  • Whether AI truly has the potential to revolutionize decision making

What you can expect to get from the webinar

Our insightful speakers covered:

  • Seismic shifts require big decisions - Gonzalo Garcia Villanueva, CMO at GfK talks data overload, time-poor customers and the art of great decision-making.
  • How brands innovate to thrive in times of change - our four expert panelists discuss the sense of urgency around data analytics as a result of the pandemic - and why investing in brand messaging is essential to surviving disruption. Moderated by event chair and innovation expert, Lindsay Herbert.
  • A leap of faith: can decisions made by AI ever be trusted? - Kriti Sharma, VP Product, gfknewron and artificial intelligence expert, explains how to build unbiased AI, as well as giving her top tips to get started with human-centered AI strategy.
  • Winners of Today: using data to drive world class performance – Simon Mulcahy, Chief Innovation Officer at Salesforce outlines his practical tips for digital transformation - and why brands should prioritize short-term tactics over lengthy strategy documents.

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Watch this webinar: