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Location, location, location. Getting it right is a critical business decision. Our geomarketing approach objectively evaluates the location-specific factors that impact the success of business sites, shops, sales territories, target groups, chain store and distribution networks – so you can maximize new opportunities and secure a more favorable market position. 

Whether it’s managing operations, perfecting category management and new product launches,  succeeding in sales or optimizing marketing campaigns, you need to get the most from your resources. Our geomarketing suite of solutions have been designed to help you target your efforts as efficiently as possible.

Geomarketing products

Geomarketing software RegioGraph: Work with your data directly on digital maps

RegioGraph offers a wide range of analysis and planning tools to solve your location-related challenges.

  • Restructure your sales territories.
  • Find promising regions for new locations.
  • Leverage market data insights to guide your multi-channel campaigns.

View the regional distribution of your data, gain insights into your market situation and discover untapped potential. Present insights on customized maps and share the results online with the TeamConnect add-on.

Find out more about why RegioGraph is an award-winning software for location analyses here.

Online application RegioGraph LocationAdvice: Analyze locations on digital maps while on the go

Today’s successful companies must continually analyze locations and then use the resulting insights to make more informed decisions. RegioGraph LocationAdvice lets you carry out comprehensive location evaluations on-the-go. Quickly and easily share insights online with colleagues.

Learn more about how you can carry out pro-level analyses of locations and their surroundings while on-the-go here.

Geodata: Turn data into market insights

Regionalized market data such as GfK Purchasing Power gives you detailed insights into your markets, target groups and available potential. Spot otherwise hard-to-see trends and relationships by analyzing, aggregating and comparing data on potential in conjunction with your own company data on digital maps.

Find out about how we can help you tap more market potential here.

Geo+BranchNetworks: Find the best locations for your store network

Location decisions require a solid strategy that’s responsive to changing market realities. Each individual site must be successful on its own and reinforce the effectiveness of your retail network as a whole.

Learn about how you can structure an effective and efficient branch network here.

Geo+DistributionPartners: Choose an optimal distribution partner network

Your success depends on the efficient exploitation of potential by each of your sales partners. But measuring this performance across your entire network requires an intimate understanding of the interplay between market conditions and location attributes.

Find out how you can optimize your distribution partner network and tap more potential here.

Geo+MarketShares: Benchmark your turnover against local potential

You know your own turnover, but do you understand how these figures compare to the actual market potential? To succeed in a complex market, you need to know how well you’re exploiting the regional potential for your product or service. Geo+MarketShares provides an objective benchmark for gauging retailer and sales performance.

Learn more about how you can efficiently manage your markets and take advantage of available potential here.

Geo+SalesTerritories: Create a better sales structure

Field sales is cost-intensive. But if managed expertly, it’s also a major turnover and growth driver. To ensure sales effectiveness, you need to align your sales structures with current market and company realities.

Learn more about how you can optimize your sales territory structure and achieve your company goals here.

Geo+TargetGroups: Pinpoint your regional target groups and product demand

Knowing your target groups is a cornerstone of success. But this is increasingly difficult given complex markets and diverse consumer behavior. Limited marketing and sales budgets mean that every dollar must be strategically invested to drive your business.

Find out you can solve these challenges and better understand the distribution of your existing and prospective customers here.

What users are saying about RegioGraph

“We use RegioGraph Planning on a daily basis. The location analysis and market research division at EURONICS responsible for maintaining a clear overview of our retailer network as well as competitor locations. To do this, we import our locations into RegioGraph to geocode and integrate this data in our map materials. This geodatabase serves as the foundation of our analyses of locations and distribution areas, among other things.”

Wolfram Gräber, Tobias Schlegel, location analysis and market research division of EURONICS Deutschland eG


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