GfK Brand Performance Monitor

Quantify your brand value to activate growth.

Understand how brand perceptions link to market reality.

The revolution in the way people consume media means businesses need to rethink how they manage brands. Knowing what elements of your brand to activate, understanding which attributes resonate with consumers, and which touchpoints will stimulate growth is essential if you are to win in this challenging landscape.

GfK’s Brand Performance Monitor is the industry’s only solution that identifies the value of sales directly attributable to your brand. It integrates brand insights from different data sources to help you make informed decisions about your brand. With GfK’s Point of Sale data at its core, it bridges the divide between consumers’ behavior and attitudes and sales, to address one of the major pain points of marketers - understanding how brand perceptions link to market reality. Combined with GfK’s brand expertise and advanced analytics, GfK’s Brand Performance Monitor can help you identify growth opportunities for you brand and find ways to increase your brand value:

Prove your brand’s value

  • Quantify how much revenue is due to the strength of your brand
  • Understand if you are generating a brand premium

Understand category dynamics

  • Assess how category sales are developing
  • Evaluate how your brand is evolving compared to the competition

Activate your brand strengths

  • Evaluate how consumers see your brand
  • Understand the key metrics you need to focus on in order to increase the impact of your brand on sales

Whatever the development phase of your brand – from early stage strategic brand positioning through to marketing mix execution – GfK’s Brand Performance Monitor helps you answer key business questions such as:

  • Market Performance: What financial impact does my brand have on sales? What do I need to do to increase it?
  • Brand Positioning: What do consumers think of my brand? How does this link to market performance? How can I drive improvements in my strategic brand positioning with consumer?
  • Competitive Landscape: Where are my competitive threats? Are there opportunities for growth for my brand and how can I maximize them?
  • Brand Attitudes and Behavior: How do consumers perceive my brand’s image? What are my brand’s strengths? How do consumers describe their behavior and relationship with my brand?

GfK’s Brand Performance Monitor is the go-to solution for planning and measuring brand building strategies helping answer your key business.

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