Cross Media Measurement

Cross Media Measurement

GfK Cross Media Measurement

Understanding consumer behavior across media and device

Media were once easily defined by their devices: television programs were seen only on TV sets; magazine news and feature articles were seen only in print; radio broadcasts could only be heard on a radio set. The challenge today is understanding media consumption in a fragmented landscape. GfK’s digital-first measurement platform provides the foundation for true cross-media measurement.

The GfK Measurement Platform captures and quantifies cross-media consumer behavior, across all devices, helping you to:

  • Successfully implement advertising and media buying strategies
  • Understand cross media behavior and evaluate revenues
  • Integrate this data with other sources and systems

With over 50 years’ experience in media measurement, we are the trusted experts delivering media currencies worldwide. Our unique single-source cross media panels cover PCs, tablets and mobile, and we enrich our audience measurement platform with a variety of data sets to fully understand consumers and their media behavior. We integrate this with existing panels and further enhance with additional GfK datasets and third-party data. We can then extract further value using data science techniques such as hybrid algorithms, data fusion and Audience Ascription Modelling

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    GfK Measurement Platform rileva e quantifica il comportamento cross-mediale dei consumatori su tutti i dispositivi: computer, tablet e cellulari.

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    La soluzione Audience Ascription Modelling di GfK combina la misurazione dell'audience basata sui nostri panel con dati socio-demografici, per fornire dati sull'audience dei tanti, piccoli canali di intrattenimento digitali.

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    Valutare i contenuti per tutti i canali media. Risultati consegnati 48 ore dopo la messa in onda. Lettura per diversi segmenti di audience rispetto a: motivazioni degli spettatori, performance delle clip promozionali e impatto dei principali indicatori.

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