GfK Category Purchase Tree

GfK Category Purchase Tree/ Driver

Optimize category management. Identify the potential of category clusters to focus your activities

Your category management can only be successful if you know the structure of your categories and can identify potential and opportunity. GfK’s Category Purchase Tree identifies product affinity patterns to help you prioritize the strengths of product relationships. You can understand your shoppers’ decisions by identifying the most relevant purchase criteria by product. We evaluate these criteria against key performance indicators, so you can adjust your shelf placement and assortment strategy to improve your performance. Armed with this insight, you can increase your margin and turnover in the potential segments.

Based on actual purchase data collected in GfK’s Consumer Panels daily, GfK’s Category Purchase Tree helps you answer key business questions:

  • How do shoppers buy in my category?
  • What purchase criteria are relevant and which are the most important?
  • What product segments offer a particularly high return for my category strategy?
  • Where are my brand and product “white spots”?

Through the power of GfK’s Consumer Panel, clusters of buyers can be analyzed by a range of KPI’s including penetration, frequency, intensity, value, volume and share. We identify which target groups buy which products and in which segments so you can sharpen your targeting. With such accurate consumer profiles, you can evaluate each segment by turnover and profitability potential, so you can direct your sales and marketing activities with precision.

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