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Practical Guidelines for Surveys Involving Non-Probability Samples

Webinar Date & Time
Tuesday, October 25, 2016, 2:00 PM ET

Please join us for the second webinar in the series, "Practical Guidelines for Surveys Involving Non-Probability Samples."

Traditional methods of survey sampling rely on a number of fundamental assumptions that are becoming exceedingly unattainable.

Specifically, many samples are selected from frames with varying coverage issues and most surveys suffer from high rates of nonresponse. Add in the growing pressure for cost containments and it is no wonder why alternative sampling methods are gaining acceptance.

Popular among such alternatives are non-probability samples secured from online panels. During this webinar, Mansour Fahimi, SVP, Chief Statistician, and Frances Barlas, VP, Research Methods, will discuss weighting adjustment alternatives that can reduce some of the inherent biases associated with non-probability samples.

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