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Measuring digital ad effectiveness


With the ever-growing digital landscape, consumers now own more and more connected devices, which means there are more places to serve ads and more gadgets for advertisers to track delivery on.

Advertisers now need to measure the delivery and impact of ads across all these devices – and it’s critical to measure ads served in both browsers and apps.

GfK's Michael Mandato, a 14 year veteran of the market research industry, recently hosted a webinar to reveal how to measure the effectiveness of digital ad campaigns – across multiple devices, including mobile – and share the metrics that are now available to help evaluate the impact of your digital ad spend and help you plan winning campaigns.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why you need to extend evaluation beyond delivery and execution metrics (CTR, CPC, conversions is not enough)
  • How to measure all media touchpoints to see the impact each has on their own and when combined with other media
  • GfK’s unique approach to measuring mobile ads served in apps
  • Our analytical framework to brand health and ad measurement

View the webinar recording now!