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It's a Small Screen After All: Improving Measurement in an Ever-changing Online Survey World

Webinar Date & Time
Tuesday, September 27, 2016, 2:00 PM ET

As respondents have been increasingly turning to smartphones to start our surveys, they have had significant struggles with common question designs and overall survey length. What was once a reasonable questionnaire for a desktop or laptop is now a "bloated monstrosity" on the small screen.

In this complimentary webinar:

  • We show that, by returning to the basic principles of measurement, we can write better questions and response scales that maintain their validity while facilitating completion on a smartphone. 
  • We will discuss how scale length and polarity can be used to improve measurement.
  • We’ll then look at how visual design principles can be useful to improve the display of questions, with a focus on grid questions, and provide greater ease with which respondents can complete a questionnaire.

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