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Retail Reports Q3 2016


Welcome to our Retail Reports of the third quarter of 2016! Are you looking for the latest trends in the non-food market? 

We noticed a significant decline in non-food sales during the third quarter of 2016: a total decline in sales value of -3.1% in the third quarter, compared to the same period last year, but we don’t need to be too pessimistic: several markets grew strongly during the last quarter. 

The Telecom market kept on booming, partially thanks to the annual release of the new iPhone. At the same time, we noticed a rise in smartwatch sales. 

Domestic appliances also show positive numbers. Take a look at the Major Domestic Appliances sales growth, for example (+6%). Washing machines and tumble dryers keep on surprising. The Small Domestic Appliances sector keeps on growing thanks to low oil deep fryers and handsticks (+5.4%). 

Markets that show less positive numbers are again the IT and Office market (-11.6%), due to a lack of demand and customers turning to higher spending on large screen smartphone products. The Consumer Electronics market also disappointed during the third quarter (-8.3%). After a successful second quarter, driven by the Euro Championships Football, July sales dropped dramatically compared to the previous year.

Other markets noticed some difficulties as well during this third quarter, but that was mainly due to bad results in September. Fashion ended the quarter with a loss (-9.2%). Stationery hoped to make up for the previous quarters but now looks back on a disappointing back-to-school period (-4.6%). 

Furthermore, the Media & Entertainment market keeps on shrinking (-6.7%).  In Music, the third quarter is dominated by the Tomorrowland compilation and this year is no exception. Unfortunately, other compilations do not follow this trend. With regards to the Gaming market, consumers seem to postpone their console purchases, anticipating the release of new consoles in 2017.  

On the other hand, Home Improvement managed to turn the tide. After a disappointing second quarter, we noticed excellent results in the third quarter (+5.4%). Even the badly suffering paint category succeeded to grow again last quarter.  

Are you looking for more details? Go to our website and download the full report!

See you next quarter! 

Wim Boesmans – Head of POS Measurement


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