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Major Domestic Appliances: A jump- start for Major Domestic Appliances


Once again we saw green figures in white goods in Q1 2017: every product group advanced in units and value. The washing category, last year’s fastest growing, again accounts for the biggest gain. Cooling holds off cooking as second best performing category.

All three washing product groups expanded equally strongly. This is especially remarkable for washing machines, where penetration gains are virtually non-existent. Consumers clearly write off their appliances much faster than ever before.

A strong performing freestanding refrigerator segment supported the cooling category growth. The near-death segment of top mount fridges is experiencing a striking comeback. At the same time, Belgians can’t seem to get enough of American fridges. Freezers are enjoying a rise as well due to spiking niches like built-in and chest freezers.

Development in the cooking category is more modest and divers. An unexpected decline was noted in the steam segment of the oven product group. On the contrary, the rise in popularity of range cookers remains solid. More hobs were also sold, but the product group is suffering from a sharp drop in average price which tops value growth. The Microwave Ovens product group still has the highest growth rate due to an unrelenting demand in the built-in segment.

Karel Tyberghein - Consultant MDA


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