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Fashion: Belgian Fashion market accelerates growth in Q3 2015


After a disappointing first quarter and small growth in the second quarter, the Belgian Fashion market continues to accelerate in the third quarter: +2.6% in value. Except for men’s shoes (-4.1%) and underwear (+0.1%), all segments are able to show nice growth figures. Especially sport shoes are booming (+31%).                         

This growth is mainly driven by excellent season sales in July (+5.8%), where men, women and kids outerwear boosted sales. In August, sales declined heavily, but this should come as no surprise: we enjoyed great summer weather this year, opposed to the summer of 2014 where August was cold and wet and back to school sales started early. We can clearly see a shift in sales from August to September this year, thanks to the continuous good weather, all in all resulting in slightly positive back to school sales over a 2 month period.

On an annual basis, we can see retailers have recuperated the losses of Q1 and are now showing a slight growth of +0.9%. With less than two months to go, the last quarter will determine if we can end the year in the black!

Wim Boesmans – Director Home & Lifestyle


Wim Boesmans
Wim Boesmans