Bruchsal, 28.03.2019

RegioGraph 2019 now available

GfK releases updated geomarketing software

GfK has released the latest version of its geomarketing software RegioGraph. The new software version includes updated 2019 maps and purchasing power data as well as a new planning view, an improved territory lock feature as well as the new RegioGraph TeamConnect add-on, which gives users the ability to quickly and easily share project results online with colleagues.

RegioGraph 2019 offers users from all sectors a powerful tool for displaying company data such as customer information and turnover results on digital maps and then carrying out analyses using integrated and detailed data on potential, such as GfK Purchasing Power 2019. This makes it easy for decision-makers in expansion, sales and marketing to pinpoint new opportunities and identify areas in need of attention. RegioGraph thus serves as an innovative and reliable basis for making more informed location decisions.

The software is developed and enhanced with new features on an annual basis. “RegioGraph users let us know that they wanted an intuitive, map-based online system,” explains Alexander Pachwald, head of software development for GfK’s Geomarketing solution area. “In response to this request, RegioGraph 2019 features the new RegioGraph TeamConnect add-on, which companies can use to share data analyses and maps online with sales colleagues. This supports more streamlined communication and decision-making thanks to the ability to access project results from various end devices irrespective of users’ physical location. We’re also pleased to report that RegioGraph LocationAdvice, our next online application, is already in the starting blocks. This upcoming addition will allow expansion-oriented companies to plan and evaluate their locations online even when away from the office.”

New additions in 2019:

  • RegioGraph TeamConnect add-on: This new feature makes it possible to share project results online with colleagues, giving them access to the latest data analyses and sales maps from various end devices while on the go.
  • Planning view: Users now have an unprecedented degree of oversight when planning and optimizing thanks to the simultaneous display of a zoomable map, filterable table and a chart.
  • Improved territory lock function: This tool gives users the ability to exclude selected regions when optimizing or generating territories.
  • Up-to-date maps and data (purchasing power, households, inhabitants): The software includes the latest available maps and data for a European country of choice.

RegioGraph supports a wide range of tasks ranging from locating target groups and optimizing marketing campaigns and sales territories to creating effective branch and supply networks.

About RegioGraph

First launched in 1991 by GfK’s Geomarketing solution area, RegioGraph offers comprehensive tools for answering the many location-based questions faced by sales, marketing and controlling teams. With around 40,000 users, RegioGraph is Germany's geomarketing solution of choice and has won numerous awards for innovation. The software also enjoys a wide circle of international users. GfK offers both an English and German version of the software along with worldwide digital maps to support the accurate geocoding of addresses and any data with a location component.

The desktop versions of RegioGraph – Analysis, Planning and Strategy – include GfK Purchasing Power and the latest available digital maps for a European country of choice. RegioGraph Planning and Strategy additionally include the new RegioGraph TeamConnect add-on with the purchase of five or more licenses. RegioGraph Strategy offers users the possibility of integrating and analyzing detailed data on B2C and B2B potential at the level of street segments.

Additional information on GfK's geomarketing software RegioGraph can be found at www.gfk-regiograph.com.

Print-quality illustrations can be found here.

About GfK

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