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Binge Watching in Belgium

Leuven, 30.08.2016

  • 56% of Belgians binge-watches at least once per month, one in three at least once per week

  • GenZ binge-watches more compared to older generations: 8 out of 10 binge-watches on a monthly basis, 1 in 2 on a weekly basis

  • Reasons to binge-watch are universal for all generations: having the time, enjoying it and staying up-to-date

  • While streaming services, such as Netflix, are popular with younger generations, in general, TV services (recordings, TV-on-demand, delayed viewing) are most popular (63% of binge-watchers use TV services)

  • 4 out of 10 binge-watchers admit to being (a little) addicted; women admit this more often than men

Gen Z is binge-watching, but they are not alone

Binge-watching is defined as watching three or more episodes of a TV show in one day. 56% of Belgian consumers admit to binge-watching on a monthly basis, while 1 in 3 admits to doing this even weekly. It’s no surprise younger generations are driving this trend, with 80% of GenZ (under twenty-four years old) binge-watching monthly, 1 in 2 weekly. There are few to no differences between men and women; although women (48%) do admit more often to being (a little) addicted, compared to men (37%). Fewer Dutch-speaking consumers (50% on a monthly basis) binge-watch compared to French-speaking consumers (64% on a monthly basis).

No spoilers please

There are different reasons to binge-watch a TV show. For example, avoiding seeing / hearing spoilers before watching an episode, which might be the case more often when a whole season of a TV show is released at once (a strategy Netflix often applies). Our research shows reasons to binge-watch do not differ between generations: actually having the time to binge-watch is number one (9 out of 10 binge-watchers agree). It’s “hard to stop watching” once you started and “staying up-to-date” with a show are the second and third most important reasons to watch multiple episodes in one sitting.

TV under pressure?

Although streaming services such as Netflix have been disrupting the media landscape, services of traditional TV players have become the main source for binge-watching in Belgium: 63% use TV services such as on-demand, delayed viewing or recordings. Streaming services and downloading are the second most popular sources (27% each). Only 15% buys or rents DVDs, videos or Blu-ray. When looking at GenZ – ‘the future of the industry’ – we see a different story though: 6 out of 10 GenZ use streaming services such as Netflix, while 1 in 2 indicates (almost) never watching real-time television anymore. 

Want to find out more on how future generation will binge-watch and what this means for you? Contact GfK via an.palmans@gfk.com.

About the study

Online survey with 2500 Belgian consumers, August 2016, GfK Belgium.

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