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At PDRF 2015, GfK to Take Part in 6 Sessions; Focusing on Measuring Readership, Value of Social Media to Print

New York, NY, 15.10.2015

GfK experts collaborate with Time, Condé Nast, Meredith

Are social media and other digital platforms more threat or opportunity for print publishers? At this year’s Print and Digital Research Forum (PDRF), GfK and GfK MRI – with the help of publishers Time Inc., Condé Nast, and Meredith Corporation – will share new research on the ways print magazines and digital media intersect and complement each other among today’s consumers. Other GfK papers will address innovative approaches to improve readership measurement.

GfK MRI and GfK methodologists and media researchers will take part in six presentations at this year’s Forum, which is being held in London from October 17 to 20. The GfK MRI and GfK will be:

  • “3D Segment Targeting Across Markets: Combining Behavior, Demography and Attitudes” (Time Inc. UK and GfK MRI) Presented by Amanda Wigginton (Director of Insight, Time UK) and Dr. Mickey Galin (EVP, Starch Advertising Research, GfK MRI)
  • “Alternative Statistical Techniques to Address Non-Response Bias” (GfK MRI) Presented by Dr. Julian Baim (Chief Research Officer, GfK MRI)
  • “Improving Statistical Reliability of Magazine Audience Estimates” (GfK MRI) Presented by Dr. Martin Frankel (Consultant, GfK MRI)
  • “Where Do Social Media Conversations Start? Understanding the Value of Published Media Brands in Igniting Social Conversations” (Meredith, Condé Nast, and GfK MRI) Presented by Christopher Reynolds (VP, Data & Marketing Analytics, Condé Nast) and Dr. Mickey Galin (GfK MRI)
  • “Programmatic for Print Buying – Developing Innovative Solutions to Connect Advertisers to Print” (Time Inc. and GfK MRI) Presented by Lori Jacobs (Director, Time) and Dr. Mickey Galin (GfK MRI)

The Print and Digital Research Forum provides a global forum for advertisers, agencies, publishers, industry bodies and research and software providers, to share their expertise and experiences, to develop credible business models, backed by robust research.

View the full PDRF 2015 agenda

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