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Optimizing the mobile betting websites & apps by understanding the dynamics in the market

Leuven, 29.05.2017

Pinnacle Sports (UK) trusted the expertise and experience of GfK Belgium to help them innovate and optimize their mobile offer in the sports betting market, for UK, Poland and Russia. 

The client

Pinnacle Sports is an online bookmaker operating in over 100 markets worldwide.


Their current strategy puts a special emphasis on mobile betting in a selection of growth markets. Pinnacle Sports is looking for elements that can help them optimize their mobile website and hybrid/native apps in line with the wishes and needs of the target group.


GfK conducted online research in the 3 countries that are considered as most relevant for Pinnacle Sports: UK, Russia and Poland.

The sample consisted of 300 mobile bettors per country, aged between 18 and 69 years old. The respondents were recruited on the GfK Online Panel in each country and have been asked to complete a questionnaire of approximately 15 minutes. We asked them about their needs, attitudes and behavior regarding mobile betting.

The questionnaire

The questionnaire was identical for the three countries and could be divided into 6 parts.

1.  Screening and general questions. We asked about their socio-demographics and mobile betting behaviour.

2.  Awareness and general betting behaviour. We asked about all betting websites and apps the bettors know and let them rank those in preference.

3.  Detailed betting behaviour. We asked more detailed aspects of the betting action like the description of the bets they do, the amount of time they spent, how often they bet, why they bet…

4.   Needs and gasps in mobile betting. We asked about the drivers and the barriers of the bettors. What are the gaps and opportunities in mobile betting? What is the importance of native apps vs mobile websites?

5.  Interests in some new ideas in mobile betting. We asked them if they are interested in betting-related articles and betting-related tools.

6.  Leading Edge Consumers. Based on a standardized list of statements we made a definition of Leading Edge Consumers.


The study revealed that bettors are picky regarding which channel they use for betting, from 7/10 bets are made online, but only 3 bets are made using a mobile device. Although bettors will use several channels there is a strong preference for online bets. 14% of all bettors prefers betting mobile, 78% prefers online bets and only 8% doesn’t have a preference.

Insights on Mobile betting

•     An average mobile bettor is a young male. Most of the time, he bets on sports, soccer to be more specific.

•     He bets mainly to make money and then tries to use his knowledge to find an edge.

•     Betting for fun and enjoying yourself comes in second place.

•     Usability is very important as the bettors prefer betting mobile because it is quick and handy.

•     Mobile betting behaviour has increased with 57% over the past two years and bettors have indicated that there would be a strong increase of 65% within the next two years.

•     The value of odds is the main trigger for choosing a provider. Trust and licensing come in second place.

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