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Map of the Month: Retail space productivity, Europe 2017

Bruchsal, 19.07.2018

Retail space productivity – gross retail turnover per m2 – varied widely across Europe last year. The top markets were Luxembourg (€7,067/m2), Norway (€6,525/m2) and Switzerland (€6,481/m2), while the lowest-ranking were Bulgaria (€2,515/m2), Romania (€2,550/m2) and Turkey (€2,587/m2). These results come from our recent European retail study, which analyzes numerous retail trends and includes a 2018 prognosis.

GfK's Map of the Month for July illustrates the 2017 values for retail space productivity on a country-by-country basis.

Download the map in high-resolution JPG format...

More information can be found in our recent press release from May 22, 2018. You can download the complete study "European retail in 2018" here.

The map may be freely distributed and reproduced if the following attribution is included: "Illustration: GfK".