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In-flight Wi-Fi: GfK and Inmarsat launch global survey results


GfK and global satellite communications provider Inmarsat partnered to conduct a global survey of airline passengers that revealed the growing expectation for in-flight connectivity in the air.

Over 9,000 interviews conducted in 27 countries in Europe, Asia, Australasia, and Central and South America revealed that passengers globally would prefer to be provided with in-flight Wi-Fi than a meal.
The proliferation of mobile devices continues in the air: 70% of passengers take at least 2 devices on board a flight with them, and therefore remaining constantly connected  has become increasingly important. Passengers claim that availability of in-flight Wi-Fi would affect their choice of airline, even on short haul flights.

Along with understanding the impact of availability of in-flight Wi-Fi, GfK and Inmarsat also collected data on willingness to pay, activities performed in-flight, and expectations about the future of in-flight entertainment.

GfK used its MarketBuilder approach to forecast service take-up. Segmentation analysis also revealed groups of passengers who differed in their attitudes towards Wi-Fi: from Connectivity Addicts in Europe (those most likely to browse the internet so often on their phone that they lose track) to the Content Curators in Asia Pacific who are desperate to consume their own content on the move.

Inmarsat has released the full results here along with Infographics and White Papers (global and regional) designed in partnership with GfK.