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Check the pulse of your market access strategy


by Sasha Richardson

Payers around the world have more influence and power than ever before. In addition, consumers are playing a more active role in their care decisions. Consequently, pricing and access are now the primary determinants of new product success in many therapeutic categories. So, how do you know if your market access strategy is the right one and if it is on track?

Consider three questions to take the pulse of your market access strategy:

  1. Does your strategy reflect a real-world context backed by compelling evidence? Market access requires relevant data that are packaged it in a compelling way for priority customers, including traditional and non-traditional payers. Does your organization have a rigorous process to assess the right advice at the right time from the right sources? Do you capture the perspectives of the right stakeholders i.e. payers, KOLs, patients, advocates and social influencers? Have you made full use of HEOR to advance your value proposition?

  2. Are you placing enough emphasis on patient access? Patients are paying more and expect more in return. Today’s market access strategies need to remove patient barriers to awareness, preference and affordability but while also improving access to care and diagnostic testing.

  3. Are your internal stakeholders aligned with the market access strategy? Focused strategies have the best success when internal stakeholders are aligned with the global ‘value & access’ story. Does your organization make the right investments of time and effort to ensure alignment across different internal teams so the payer’s “voice” informs medical, clinical and commercial strategies. 

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Sasha Richardson