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At UXPA event, GfK will share new methods for making UX research agile

Boston, MA, 16.05.2017

Other presentations highlight ethnographic methods, new research techniques

At The Boston User Experience Conference this week, GfK User Experience (UX) experts will explore new approaches to quick, effective UX research, addressing the challenges UX designers face in working with agile teams. Other GfK sessions will focus on managing ethnographic data and leveraging new research techniques.

The event, organized by the UXPA Boston, will take place May 19, 2017, at the Sheraton Boston Hotel. The conference will cover areas such as UX research, design, strategy, service design, and career development.

GfK’s Sarah Bloomer (Senior Vice President of User Experience) will be moderating the panel “Make It Fast: Delivering UX Research to Agile Teams,” with GfK’s Luis Valencia (User Experience Specialist) also participating. The session will focus on how new methods such as unmoderated testing can yield faster UX research, as well as strategies for applying these new solutions. Representatives from Athenahealth, Slalom LLC will also take part in the discussion.

Bloomer is a longtime UX practitioner, leader, and mentor working across all aspects of user and customer experience. She has worked with UX managers to develop their teams and strategies, providing design research and evaluation in the US, Australia, and Asia.  

Valencia has a specialty in ecommerce UX. He currently consults with pharmaceutical, professional sports, government, and telecommunications clients to help them build exceptional user experiences.

In addition, GfK’s Hilary Whitehead (Senior UX Researcher) will present “Using Frameworks to Manage Ethnographic Data.“ And Erin Freeburger (Senior UX Lead Specialist) will explore new ideas during the “Experimenting with New Research Techniques” session, focusing on app-based alternatives to “shop-along” studies.  

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