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At ARF session, GfK MRI will share insights on “cordless” consumers

New York, NY, 02.10.2017

Ramspacher will lead Deep Dive session on Cord Cutters, Cord Nevers

With streaming TV claiming a significant share of viewing time, programmers and advertisers alike need to understand the dynamics of today’s “TVideo” audiences.

At an Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) event tomorrow in New York City, GfK MRI’s Karen Ramspacher (SVP, Consumer Insights & Innovation) will shed light on the nuances in today’s streaming consumer groups – from those who have cut their traditional pay-TV “cords” to those who never had one.

The ARF event – focusing on the theme “OTT: Is TV by Any Other Name Still TV?” – will also feature speakers from ESPN, NBC Universal, Roku, Turner, and other key industry companies.

For her presentation, Ramspacher will draw on GfK MRI’s Cord Evolution and gold-standard Survey of the American Consumer®. She will tell where to find “cordless” viewers and what else they do besides watching TV – keys to unlocking their spending potential. She will also show how Cord Cutters and Cord Nevers differ in viewing choices, and even in how they define what constitutes “TV.”

Ramspacher has more than 20 years of experience as an account planner and researcher. Before joining GfK MRI, she held senior roles at NBC Universal, Oxygen Media, Fuse and Participant Media. At GfK MRI, she identifies and explores drivers to consumer behavior in the changing media landscape and beyond. Ramspacher is the director of GfK MRI’s Cord Evolution and TV Content Drivers research programs.

The full ARF conference agenda can be found here