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All Mode Device Becomes Mainstream in China

Beijing, 19.04.2017

According to GfK retail audit data, China’s handset retail market reached 80 million (volume) in the first two months of 2017, with a modest year-on-year growth at 3%. The market shows a slowdown growth momentum comparing with the same period of 2016. However, the development of All Mode device increases rapidly.

All Mode device has become mainstream in China and will continue to grow in market share. As of February 2017, All Mode device has taken up 79% of the total market, while its market share was only 31% in February 2016.

All Mode device surges in all price segments

As of February 2017, market share of All Mode device in all price segments above 600 CNY spans from 50% to 100%. In low-end market, the penetration of All Mode device also appears a positive momentum. The market share of 600 CNY below segment is 17%.

The upstream industry further drives the penetration of All Mode device

Main chipset manufacturers like Qualcomm, Hisilicon, MTK have already supported All Mode device. In 2016, market share of top 10 mobile phone brands in China has reached over 86%, among which 81% is featured by All Mode device, and the ratio keeps climbing.

China Telecom and China Unicom held press conference together on March 31, 2017, announced that they would jointly promote All Mode device in China, which would strategically further drive the penetration of All Mode device.

In addition, All Mode device products enable consumers to choose and switch operator networks freely at their own wish. With all these positive market dynamics, All Mode device products will definitely accelerate its penetration in China.

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