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2015: a positive finish to the year


After a difficult first ten months of the year, with volumes and market turnover declining versus 2014, as is often the case following a World Cup year, there was an encouraging turnaround in the last two months of 2015.

Although the December increase was mainly explained as the mathematical consequence of a five week reporting month being compared to 2014’s four week December period, there was no doubt about another very impressive Black Friday. Growth of well over 10% was seen in comparison to November 2014, which had itself been ahead of 2013 results.

Significant landmarks included the further growth of Ultra High Definition TVs which registered volume sales just below one million and Smart TVs, which became the default option for TVs over 40 inches. The other high performing Vision product was the Soundbar, of which more than one million were sold. This latter category is also now firmly established in the fast growing streaming products family which includes connected and multi-room audio systems as well as wireless speakers. The Audio HIFI contribution to the well-being of consumer electronics was completed by another year’s very positive sales of turntables and the consolidation of portable and boombox radio markets.

Author: Nick Simon, Account Director, Consumer Electronics