Music is in the air: Connectivity is key for Audio markets

As in latest years, Audio segments continue to be highly positive in 2016: Audio- and Hi-Fi products gain more and more relevance within the Consumer Electronics market and register increasing sales volumes. Thereby product connectivity represents one of the key topics and brings growing dynamic into the market.

In 2016, the turnover of the German Audio market so far amounted to almost 600 million Euro (January-May) which meant a plus of +5% compared to the reference period of the previous year. Thereby streaming-capable stereo systems, multiroom components and soundbars continue to be particularly popular. While sounddecks have gained special attention in the last two years, small soundbars without an external subwoofer proof extremely successful now: Due to their compact design, they represent a space-saving alternative which can nevertheless boost TV sound significantly. In addition, the portable audio segment achieves further success: Portable Bluetooth loudspeakers and headphones enable consumers to enjoy their music playlist on the go and are increasingly often used as a fashion and lifestyle accessory.

In May 2016 over 60% of all TVs sold were regarded as “smart”. And also for “Smart Audio” the intelligent networking of single audio components represents one key aspect. Multiroom capability – which means that the system can play one song synchronized in different rooms as well as playing different songs in different rooms and can be controlled via Smartphone or Tablet – is a prominent example for Smart Audio. In addition to complete Multiroom systems, more and more products from other categories get equipped with a multiroom function. Thus, also soundbars, stereo systems or receivers can be integrated into multiroom networks in the future. In total, the turnover of multiroom-capable products in Germany amounted to 128 million Euro between January and May 2016.

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